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Last updated: 4/5/99

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Note: whether or not the fanfic section comes out depends on whether or not people are willing to write fanfics for this wonderful series and send them to me

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Welcome to the Flame of Recca Archive. For those of you new to the anime, Flame of Recca is a series about a boy named Recca Hanabishi who was sent 400 years into the future by his mother when he was only 4 years old. Ever since he was a little boy, he has had the dream of becoming a ninja. Little did he know that, in his "past" life, he was descended from the lineage of the Hokage Ninja. Possessing the ability to shoot flame from his hands, he and his friends, each with their own special power, battle evil forces that threaten the good in the future world..

4/5/99- *smiles really big* ta-daa! I've updated! I added more pictures to the image gallery..I have more..but I am waiting for Jes-chan to e-mail them to me so I can upload them. I also added a message board, a chat section, and a page where you can get your own Flame of Recca e-mail address! (" Now, aboutFANFICTION. I'm really interested in writing a Recca fic, but I need ideas!! NE1 have any ideas? Please e-mail me.

Where to get Flame of Recca: So you've browsed the archive and love what you see and want to get the anime? The most up to date group who both distributes and subtitles the anime is Shisengumi. They have volumes 1- 7 (eps. 1-28) out now and are working on vol. 8-10. (29-40). Each tape is 8 dollars. If you want the tapes for a cheaper price, check out the other Anime Distributors at Anipike:

3/19/99- Shinsengumi has subbed Vol, 8 and 9 which are available now!!! They're currently working on Vol. 10 and 11, 11 being the last video in the series (40 some episodes total)
3/6/99- I've found a place that distributes Vol. 1-7 (all volumes out right now) of Flame of Recca. Check out Aniplanet Distribution for those volumes. The cost is reasonable, too: 14 dollars per 3 tapes!!
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