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Welcome to the Flame of Recca Archive's Image Gallery. I understand that most of these pictures are from other Flame of Recca pages, but I am lacking resources to scan my own pictures for the time being. I promise that as I get my own resources, I will remove what I can that belongs to others. In the mean time, please enjoy the pictures. If you want more of these, go to the sites I have listed at the end of this page. Be patient b/c this page will take a while to load...

1/19/01- Added some more images..Later I'll split this page into two pages so it can load faster


Hanabishi Recca Pictures

Kirisawa Fuuko Pictures

Ishijima Domon Pictures

Koganei Kaoru Pictures

Mikagami Tokiya Pictures

Kage Houshi Pictures


Sakoshita Yanagi


Bad Guys

Group Images

Miaka's Flame of Recca Shrine

Flame of Recca Shrine

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