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Episode Summaries

Episode 1: Hime(Princess) and Ninja Powers Awaken!!

Episode 2: Flame against Fujin Dangerous Temptations!!

Episode 3: The Water Knight, The sword of Revenge!!

Episode 4: Labyrinth of Mirrors Flames's do or Die spirit!!

Episode 5: Shadow Ninja group, Mystery of Hokage!!

Episode 6: The Mad Flame Master Kurei!!

Episode 7: The stone guardian, Death game!!

Episode 8: Doll house! Fuko's Deathmatch!!

Episode 9: Domon the Oni! Unknown Power!!

Episode 10: Crashing Flames!! Two Hokage!!

Episode 11: Kougon Anki! Five Blades!!

Episode 12: Kurenai the Flame! Angel of Death!!

Episode 13: The Ultimate Flame! The legendary Karyu(Fire Dragons)!

Episode 14: The Rebirth of Past! 400 years of Truth!!

Episode 15: Time's Cursed! A Mother and her Son!!

Episode 16: Fighting Determination! Recca's Challenge!!

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