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Flame of Recca is an anime/manga series by Anzai Nobuyuki about a 16 year old Japanese high school student who, as a baby, was sent 400 years into the future by his mother so he could escape the raging war of the era. Now, as a ninja-obsessed teenager, the evil of the past is once again awakening, and with his newfound flame and his friends who also possess elemental powers, he will fight to save his Hime (princess) and use his power to protect the world..... (for more info, click on the "Story" Link to the left.


1/19/01- Ok..I know. It's been a year since I've worked on this page...I guess for a while I just lost interest...but now I feel guilty so I'll finish the page..finish the episode summaries..scan my recca manga for you guys..put up the second ending song lyrics..and translate the manga..if I have time. ^_^ For now, since I'm at work, I'll update the following: THE BEST FANSUBBERS to get the RECCA ANIME SERIES from will be listed in the Info. Section Note also that my e-mail address has changed..actually it changed a long time ago to Ok, I have finally put up MORE IMAGES in the Images section (a few screen shots from the anime). Aiya~ I know I have a lot to do.. Well, see you guys later.. BTW..if you have any RECCA FANFICS, Please let me know so that I can put them up. Thanks a lot. for distributing Recca Fansubs, I'll start doing that as soon as I get the money to get better quality copies from another distributor. I want to be able to give you guys good quality videos. ^_^ ~ Mana-chan (aka Christine)

2/23/00- *looks ashamed* I know, it's been a while since I've worked on my page, and now I still don't have a LOT done, but I DO have mp3 and lyrics for Recca's OP song (Nanka Shiawase) and lyrics for ending song in the News/General Info page. The fanfic page is up. I still need to add a few I'm a little behind..gomen. Also, episodes 13-16 summaries are up..I know i'm missing 5, 6, 11 and 12. I'll do those as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.


Disclaimer: I do not own Flame of Recca and am not trying to illegally sell it/ violate its copyright, etc. Flame of Recca belongs to Nobuyuki Anzai/Shogakukan/Studio Pierrot/Fuji TV. The Flame of Recca Archive is merely a fan creation in honor of this excellent piece of work by these people and companies. Material on this site was designed by Mana-chan (aka Christine). If you want to use anything, please e-mail me first at . Arigatou gozaimas.