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The Flame of Recca Mailing List


Any questions after you read this? Contact Mana-chan, the list administrator.

1) No Flames.There is to be no flaming/ cruelly criticizing of other members on the list or of any of the characters in Flame of Recca..This list is for the supporting of Recca no Honoo, not the dissing of it! ^_^ Plus..flames usually lead to a lot of mean words and hostility..and THAT we don't want..If you wanna it privately..or I'll get Mikagami-senpai to use his kakkoi Ensui on you!!

2) Do NOT harass others.. I cannot emphasize this enough..You wouldn't want to be harassed..neither does anyone else..Please be kind!! If you don' you mind if I borrow Setsuna for a minute? ^_^

3) No Swearing or Name-Calling.  Eh..this kinda compliments rule #2..and yet kinda doesn't..eek..just don't use profanity, k? There may be kids on the ML, and profanity....might not be too good of an influence..

4) Share opinions!!! This really isn't a rule.. It's a suggestion that'll help you make friends on the ML..and keep the ML alive!! There's no problem with disagreeing and sharing your side of things! Opinions are welcome! Just don't be mean or rude in your disagreement. ^_^

5) Stay On Topic This is a Flame of Recca ML, remember? ^_^ Try to talk about Flame of Recca! And if things get too OT (Off topic)...listen to the Administrator-sama ^_^ when she tells you to get back on topic again.

6) Label Spoilers Please write SPOILER in your subject if ur writing about something that happens in the series that ppl who haven't seen the series before might not want to see, and leave at least 20 spaces in your message before starting what you have to say...that way nobody will b mad b/c they saw something they didn't want to know yet.

7) Do change the subject heading.  When a discussion has evolved into something different than what it was originally, please change the subject heading...

8) Get rid of excess text. When replying to a message, don't include the ENTIRE message in your reply, especially if the message ur replying to is exrememly long!

8) Fanfic and fanart are more than welcome. However, no binary attanchments may be sent to the list. This includes any .gifs, .jpgs, .html, .doc, .midi, .wav files. You may do several things when you want to share a fanfic or fanart with the list. You may post a fanfic with approval from the ADMINISTRATOR first. You may post the URL of a fanfic, fanart or other fanwork so that everyone can open up their browsers and go look. You may announce that you have such a file to share and ask that people email you privately so that you can send them a copy via email. This is because some ppl cannot view attachments with their mailing programs.

9) Polls.  If you wish to conduct a poll, you may do so on the list.

10) Forbidden Posting Material:

No spam or chain letters may be posted to the list. This includes virus warnings and text-arranged images, like angels and tweetie birds....

No private emails may be posted to the list. This includes something that is specifically meant for a list member rather than the entire list or if someone requests that any reponses to a particular post be made privately.


This list was started to give fans the opportunity to discuss their favorite characters. These are standard ML ettiquette rules that were made to make these opportunities more enjoyable. Remember that we are all here to have a good time. These rules are a tool to make this possible.  We realize that some of these rules may scare some people away. Others will be relieved and these are the members we hope to get.

-Rule ideas are from The Heart of Sword ML Page. Arigatou gozaimasu

Now, if you want to subscribe, PLEASE PROCEED.

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