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Flame of Recca Episode Summaries

Episode Nine: Domon the Oni! Unknown Power!

In the previous episode, Fuko succeeded in defeating Reiran. They discovered that she was merely another mannequin; the real elemental was a small kid called Ganko. Ganko joins them as they press onwards to defeat Kurei and save Yanagi. They come upon a dark stone room where a murdering giant named Sekioh awaits them. Domon chooses to challenge him, and the fight begins…

Domon’s fist slams repeatedly into Sekioh’s stomach. Sekioh smiles down at the puny figure before him. Fuko and Ganko watch worriedly, but Recca points out that although Sekioh seems to be standing firm, Domon is actually pushing him back with the force of the punches. Jumping into the air,

Domon’s fist connects with Sekioh’s cheek and sends him flying across the dim room.

The group cheers at the simple victory. The celebration halts as Sekioh clambers to his feet. He holds out the elemental weapon, Sekichu, removing it from it’s position at his waist. It glows and stones cling to his body, ripping away from the stone walls. An impenetrable stone armor forms around him.

Angrily, Domon advances again, striking Sekioh forcefully in the stomach. Domon clutches at his fist in pain, dropping to the floor. Sekioh grins, the grabs Domon’s injured hand and hauls him off the ground. He retaliates Domon’s attack by slugging him harshly in the abdomen. Domon’s eyes widen in agony as he thinks, "So this is the power of an elemental weapon…"

Domon recalls an earlier visit with Kage Houshi. She hands him an elemental weapon of his own, Saturn’s Ring. It hooks onto his nostril to replace his ever present nose ring. She warns him that the elemental weapon’s choose their own masters. One must prove themselves to receive the power.

Domon sails across the room from Sekioh’s punch. His back collides with a pillar and he slumps to the floor. He laboriously rises again and returns to the battle. Sekioh smirks. He uses shards from his stone armor and projects them at Domon with a thrust of his arms. Domon attempts to avoid them, but he collapses after the assault.

Seeing that Domon persists in trying to get up, Sekioh leaps into the air, preparing to imprint Domon into the ground. Domon looks up to see Sekioh flying towards him, ready to crush him. The scene floods red with blood….

Sekioh staggers backwards clawing at his face, blood streaming down the sides. Domon sits up, his hands held before him, blood tingeing the tips of his fingers. "My stooge-style defense, the eye-jab!" Behind him, Recca, Fuko, and Ganko cheer. Domon smirks and charges at Sekioh again. Debris showers Domon unexpectedly. Sekioh lifts up Domon and knees him in the stomach, then slams him to the ground. He lifts a foot to crush Domon, but an explosion on his back stops him. The fireworks don’t even faze him as he whirls a chunk of rock at the unsuspecting ninja, causing Recca to connect with the wall on the opposite side of the room. Behind Sekioh, Fuko vaults toward him, Fujin prepared to attack.

Sekioh grabs her in his large fist. Domon stands and hits Sekioh. Sekioh simply uses his elbow to thrust Domon to the ground again, setting his foot on Domon’s back to prevent any other attempts at getting up. Sekioh constricts the fist surrounding Fuko, intending to squeeze her to death. Domon watches in consternation. Straining his muscles, he tries to stand again, but Sekioh stomps down on Domon again and again, continuously pushing Domon back to the floor, squeezing Fuko even tighter.

With a burst of strength, Domon lifts Sekioh’s foot, causing him to topple over and release Fuko. Fuko gasps as Domon’s nose ring shines. Domon looks down at his nose (well, tries to anyway. Have you ever tried seeing something on your nose? It doesn’t work. Well, unless you have a mirror, and somehow I doubt that any of them are carrying mirrors with them so they can admire their own reflection while on their rescue mission….) "Looks like I passed the first test."…

The two opponents clash again. Sekioh grasps Domon’s fist intending to break his hand. Instead, Domon breaks through the stone armor surrounding Sekioh’s fist and crushes his hands. He slugs Sekioh and sends him soaring back, dragging along the ground and creating a deep indention.

Kurei laughs at the scenario unfolding before him. One has the Fujin, one has Saturn’s Ring. Who knows what power the little guy possesses…. Koganei enters informing Kurei that although Yanagi’s blood pressure was high, nothing unusual was found from the first test. Kurei tells Koganei to escort Yanagi to her next exam. She hums the entire way. When Koganei asks why she’s so happy, she informs him that her "Knight" is coming to rescue her, and she’s trying to be brave for him. (It can’t be any of those three. Someone else must be here… <~~~ we all know Recca appreciates that thought, ne?)

The three (now four)some race up the stairs and see another door. Recca opens it and……

"WASSUP!!!" Koganei greets them, grinning widely. Fuko and Domon charge but Koganei easily defeats them. He walks to the other side of the room and presses a button on the wall. A thick wall appears from the ceiling, threatening to cut off the path. Domon runs to hold up the wall, commanding Fuko and Recca to continue without him. However, the power of Saturn’s Ring flickers and he loses strength.

When he looks beside him, he sees Fuko and Recca join him in the struggle again the wall. Footsteps advance behind them. "Why are you wasting your time testing your strength against a wall? What kind of games are you playing when you should be rescuing Yanagi-san?"

Koganei, Ganko and the three struggling to keep up the wall gape at the figure of Mikagami standing behind them, a mocking expression on his face.

End of Episode 9