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Episode 17: (by Christina-chan!)

Last time- It's been a month since Recca, Domon, Fuuko and Mikagami began their training, and now a mysterious shadow approaches.

Dog: You will attend the Ura Buto Satsujin.
Recca: Sounds good. I'm in.
Fuuko: Recca!

Team Hokage Appears!
Ura Buto Satsujin!!

Recca's insulting comments about Kurei have gotten the dog really mad, and as it starts letting off energy Fuuko notices the two kanjis written on Recca's arm. He explains that he can finally control two of the flame dragons. The dog, really pissed as Recca continues bad mouthing Kurei, sends energy up to the cliff above, sending a large rock hurling down at our heroes, but not to fear...Recca is going to handle everything.

He calls on Saiha and a fire blade appears on Recca's arm. Jumping up, he pushes the flame blade against the falling boulder and breaks through it, crumbling the large rock into harmless small pieces. His friends are in shock...well, besides Mikagami, of course ^_^

Recca then turns towards an empty part of the canyon and shouts for "them" to come out. When he gets to response, Recca calls Nadare, sending fireballs at a rock in the distance. There is a large explosion, and from the smoke comes two figures, one tall and one short. Ganko realizes with shock that they are two members of Kurei's assassin squad: Genjuro and Jisho. Yanagi tries to comfort Ganko by saying that Recca can beat them, but Ganko tells her that she's wrong and that, despite the fact that Recca has gotten stronger, these two assassing were stronger than strong and Recca was no match for them. They were the strongest of Kurei's Uruha.

Meanwhile, Recca tells Jisho and Genjuro to run home to Kurei now that they had seen his powers and to forget this tournament and screw themselves ^^;; Genjuro just laughs, saying that he had shown a strong will but that his power wasn't enough to even injure Jisho or himself. Recca tells him to cut the sh&t and that they could find out who was stronger then and there. (Stubborn, isn't he?)

Jisho asks if Recca really wants to die so soon because they would also be participating in the Ura Buto Satsujin. Genjuro tells him amusedly that if he survived long enough that he might even get the chance to fight one of them. Jisho remarks that Recca is an idiot because he doesn't even know how deadly the Ura Buto Satsujin is...all fighters could use any type of weapon and most that entered were elemental weapon masters. Their powers weren't worthy in Jisho's eyes.

Genjuro tells Recca that the matches were in teams, not individual, and that the three behind him looked much weaker than him...he doubted that they would survive the first round. This pisses Domon off, but Fuuko reminds him that they've trained just as hard as Recca has. Mikagami voices that he wasn't the same man that he used to be.

Yanagi speaks up then, asking why they had to bet their lives on a stupid fight. Genjuro remarks that it's the fate of every elemental weapon master. Recca questions why winning was so important, and Genjuro tells him that the winner claimed the losers' elemental weapons. Mikagami smirks, realizing that Kurei used the Ura Buto Satsujin to collect the elemental weapons.

Genjuro remarks after Recca bashed Kurei some more ::sweatdrop:: that their ignorance made them foolish, before both he and Jisho vanished in a cloud of smoke. After they leave, Recca says that they were going to win the Ura Buto Satsujin no matter who or what they faced.

(Narration: Invitations are delivered to fighters everywhere for the Ura Buto Satsujin, and he receives one too.)

It is night, and Koganei is standing underneath a bridge with an invitation to the Ura Buto Satsujin, shivering with fright. Raiha, who had been the one to deliver the invitation, asks if he's scared. Koganei is in shock, realizing that Kurei must really want his death to be painful. Raiha says that he believes so, and he tells Koganei to flee if he wanted to live...escape to another country where Kurei couldn't find him.

Koganei is surprised by this and asks if he's ok, telling him that he didn't have to say that. Raiha apologizes, saying that he was only sent to give him this invitation before bidding him farewell and hoping that they would not meet again. He disappeared into the shadows leaving Koganei standing alone.

Back at Kagero's home, the group is sitting in a circle, silent, until Kagero asks if they're going to enter. Recca tells her that he wold because Kurei had been using this tournament to collect the elemental weapons that his ancestors had tried to protect. Fuuko agrees, saying that they couldn't let him get away with taking as many of the weapons as he wanted.

However, Kagero is fearful of their safety. Recca tells her not to worry, but Yanagi says that she's worried, too, and she didn't understand why they had to fight. They shouldn't have to enter the tournament. Fuuko tells her that they'd already taken some of Kurei's elemental weapons that that they'd come after them even if they didn't enter the tournament.

Domon agrees, saying that if they had to fight he wanted to meet them head on, and adds flippantly that they'd be ok even if Mikagami fought with them ^_^ Mikagami tells them not to misunderstand (that seems to be one of his favorite phrases, ne?) and that this didn't make them friends, but the killer of his sister might be at the tournament. To complete her revenge, he had to fight.

Recca adds that something might be at the tournament that would release his mother's curse. Next is a cute scene between Recca and Yanagi, ending wtih Recca telling her to believe in them. (And these two still aren't together yet!? Mattaku!) Yanagi looks around at the group and finally tells them to do their best.

(Narration: Enter Mori Kouran's estate, a place unlisted on maps but heavily guarded by security. Warriors from everywhere are converging on the arena called the Satsujin dome, or Killers dome.)

Inside of the Satsujin dome, Domon is sulking because he wanted Ganko and Yanagi to stay and home, but Mikagami tells him with annoyance that neither place was safe for anyone anymore. Recca agrees, saying that winning was all that mattered.

A foreign voice tells him not to underestimate his opponent's skills, and Recca turns to find himself facing a tiny stuffed...yet quite alive...yellow fox. Recca asks what the hell he is, and the fox just responds that his name is Kondo. That's when Recca notices the elemental weapon around Kondo's neck (Kata Kugutsu) and turns suspiciously towards Ganko who tells them that Kondo is her friend. Recca reprimands her by saying that elemental weapons weren't toys, but Fuuko tells him to calm down because it was just a stuffed animal.

Domon says it doesn't matter because they weren't there to play around. Kondo gets mad, calling Domon a mowhawked moron in the process ^^;; This gets Domon pissed, and the two start fighting. (Let's just say seeing Domon fighting a little stuffed animal was kinda amusing) The others walk away, Recca remarking that Domon had finally found a friend ^^;;

Minutes later, the deep voice of the promoter welcomes and thanks them for entering the tournament. This guy is like ugly incarnate ::sweatdrop:: Anyway, he presumes that Recca is the one that Kurei wanted admitted but, regardless, their matches were 5 on 5 while their team only had four people. Recca just tells him that if he can keep it up he'd finish everyone by himself.

The man then gives them their disclaimer: this tournament wasn't endorsed by society and could result in death, and any weapon could be used. They wouldn't take responsibility if they died or worse. Yanagi clings onto Recca who tells her not to worry. Domon clings onto Fuuko who tells him not to worry...and to let go of her shiirt!!

The promoter then continues that the losers would not only give up their weapons but must donate something to the promoter as a penalty. Recca doesn't like this. "If we lose, you greedy b&stards want something else!?" The promotor tells him that it's a rule and that it would give them an incentive to keep what they might lose.

Domon chuckles and offers to donate his Anjoh Youji pro-wrestling T-shirt which was his greatest treasure. This is turned down. Fuuko then offers her breast-touching coupon (adding a "puff-n, puff-n" for all you guys out there ^_-) Recca and Domon both start salivating at this. The promoter turns red, saying that would be wonderful...but that he couldn't accept it. Ganko then offers her breast-touching coupon, and the man asks if she's sure before getting bonked on the head by Domon and Recca who protest that she's too young. Fuuko angrily tells Ganko not to make fun of her while Yanagi tells Ganko that she's very brave.

The promoter tells them that he gets to choose what he wants, and he chooses Yanagi. *Ahem*...Yanagi doesn't quite get it, thinking that the man wants to touch her breasts and protests that they aren't very big...everyone sweatdrops. Fuuko tells her that she doesn't think that was what he had meant. The man says that he wants her power...all of her...

Recca steps in front of Yanagi saying that he had to be the hell could he donate his hime? The promoter tells him that other teams had put up human lives as their donations and that the tournament was no game. If they didn't wantt o lose her they shouldn't lose, but if they didn't have what it took then that was a different matter. If Yanagi wasn't their team's donation their entry would be revoked.

Yanagi slowly lets go of Recca's arm and steps forward, telling the man that she chose to be the donation and that she wanted to help the team, too. She was tired of not being able to do anything and now she would be able to fight with them. If they were willing to risk their lives then she should be willing to risk hers.

The man announces that since everyone was in agreement that their strength would be tested to see if they were truly ready for the tournament, and 40 men, armed with weapons, emerged from behind him. Mikagami says that this is fine with him because the man's face had been making him sick. Recca adds that he'd be sorry if he underestimated them.

All the men attack. Mikagami, Ensui in hand, goes after one group, destroying their weapons in a matter of seconds and telling them that if they wanted to die they should come to him. Domon kicks and punches at the men, head-butting one guy into a wall. (Ouch!) Fuuko fights with her Fujin. When one man attacks her with a boomerang-like weapon, she jumps away, letting it hit and kill the attackers behind her before jumping into the air and grabbing the man's head, throwing him over her shoulders. Recca uses his flames to finish off the remaining fighters.

Apparently, Kouran and Kurei have been watching the fight through a camera monitor, and Kouran remarked that they shouldn't have been so hard for them. Kurei notes that they've finally reached a decent level...20 seconds to finish 40 men.

The promoter tells them that they've just qualified to enter the tournament, and the main doors are opened to them, the hallway behind it leading to the fighting specialists within. Once they entered, only a few would leave alive. Recca stares down the hallway before asking if the final match would be against Kurei, and the promoter tells him that it would be. Recca says that they have to go then, and the others agree. With these words they begin through the large doors.

(Narration: Team Hokage will face many opponents that are strong. However, they can't turn back. The Killers Tournament, Ura Buto Satsujin, is about to begin!)

Recca: It's time for some action! Our first round's opponent is Team Ku. I can see why they're the number one of the Tohoku area; their first guy looks kinda tough. Oh, c'mon, Mikagami. Don't look so overconfident! I''m the one who has to look overconfident! Mikagami will win no matter what!

Next episode- The Sword of Shura! Mikagami's March!!

My soul's already a burning flame!