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Episode 16:

Last time- At a Hokage safehouse, his real mother, Kagero, told Recca about how he was sent ahead in time to avoid the war. However, the time manipulation was a forbidden technique. Once the user cast it, that person would remain immortal and wander the earth forever. They had reunited as parent and child after 400 years, but they couldn't even touch each other. And there was also the fact that Recca's brother came along, the other flame master Kurei. Now his hatred for Recca is complete.

Fighting Determination!
Recca's Challenge!!

Recca returns home and tells his father what he had learned, and Shigeo isn't very happy to say the least ^^;; The two get into a typical argument, Shigeo not believing that Recca would so easily accept such a bullsh#t story.

At first, the group thinks that Recca and his father have calmed...only for the two to begin throwing things at each other. Finally, after the two tire from throwing the contents of the laundry machine and the refridgerator at each other...not to mention THROWING the laundry machine and the refridgerator at each other, Recca tells Shigeo that he isn't mad and that he appreciates Shigeo treating him as a son during his life, but that he would like to know how he came to be with him.

Kagero echoes this question, and Shigeo finally tells them that 15 years ago, he was walking along in the rain when, suddenly there was a blue flash and a baby landed in his arms. The baby had the name 'Recca' written on his kimono, and so Shigeo became his father.

He tells Recca that he was a storm that struck his bachelor life. At this, Fuuko remarks that she had always thought that he had a wife who had died a long time ago. Recca agrees with this, mentioning the picture of the woman with blond hair that his father had always referred to as his mother. Shigeo just laughs at this and says that the woman was nothing more than his favorite movie idol ::sweatdrop::

Recca glumly remarks that now his mother knew what he had gone through in his life, and Kagero says that she's glad because he's a wonderful man ^^;;

Becoming solemn, Recca approaches the group that he had invited over (Ganko, Kagero, Shigeo, Domon and Fuuko. Hmmm...Yanagi and Mikagami aren't present. How rude of you, Recca-chan!) and announces that over summer break he's going to train in the mountains so that he can settle things with Kurei. Ganko tells him to forget it because Kurei will kill him next time. Recca counters, saying that even if he tries to run away, Kurei will still come after him, adding that Kurei had many elemental weapons that were suppsoed to be owned by people like him, and that he had to get them back. Maybe he'd find something to help Kagero.

The room is silent until Shigeo tells him to go to it, and that leaving things undone wasn't good. He adds that Kagero can stay with him until he got back. Shigeo then asks what Kagero's hobbies are, and she tells him that they're archery and making tea. Recca yells at him, saying not to hit on his mom and kicks Shigeo in the face (respects his dad, ne? ^^;;) He then leaves...

A few hours later (or so we can assume) Recca turns around with his of clothing to see Yanagi standing behind him. She asks if he was going to leave without telling her, and he apologizes. She then asks if he was going to do that because there would be danger, and he apologizes again before beginning to walk away.

Yanagi calls to him...using his full name, no less (oooh...scary maternal voice) and orders him, as his hime, never to hide anything, no matter how dangerous, from her again, adding that she's not as weak as he thinks, and that when he's in hard times she knows that she'll be able to help somehow.

He's surprised by this, to which Yanagi responds that he can't cook for himself. That's when Recca realizes that she's coming along...

Meanwhile, Domon's mom calls to him and asks why he wasn't helping her with the customers. Domon tells her that a face like his couldn't sell flowers anyway, and that he was busy. When someone appears looking for Domon, his mom tells her that he's upstairs and to lay a smack down.

In reality, Domon is packing a bag, knowing that Recca can't have all the glory. Suddenly, his door opens to reveal Fuuko and Ganko who wonder what he's doing. Domon looks at them in shock before trying to hide his bag behind him.

Ganko walks up to Domon and punches him, later saying that his mom had told her to lay a smack down. (Ganko, kawaii!!!) Fuuko sits down and seriously asks where he's going to train. Domon pretends to not know what she's talking about to which Fuuko calls him a big dumb gorilla and hands him a wrapped package.

Domon falters at the weight of it (Ganko: "Baaaaka") Unwrapping the package, Domon realizes that it is Kuchibashimaru's Kuchibashi Oh and Tsumemaru's Oni no Tsume. Fuuko reveals that they are truly Hokage elemental weapons and that she wants to train with them.

She tells Domon that they were known as an unbeatable team, but that Kurei had treated them as beginners that that they weren't Recca's lackeys. When they mastered those elemental weapons, Fuuko knew that they'd be as good as Recca.

Domon kinda enjoys the idea of them both being in the mountains together (awww), but adds that if Recca kept reaching higher levels then his rep as the strongest high school student would be blown. Fuuko asks if he'll be serious about the training, and Domon stands, giving a speech about how dedicated he'll be...and then his pants fall down. (Ganko: "Baka")

Elsewhere, a car is outside of a well-guarded gate and an officer looks inside to check it. Seeing that everything is all right, he lets it pass. It ends up that the passengers are Raiha and Kurei ^_^ Raiha asks why the cloning experimenents were moved up there to which Kurei responds that the experiments have reached the final stage. He adds that regardless of the moral philosophy that his father found the clones fascinating.

Inside of the facility, Kouran is leading tours, showing the men who have come what the results of the cloning experiments were. The man, called the president (I'm guessing of the US...?), is very pleased as he learned that his clone was already started and that he would pay anything because now he would have his immortal life. (sound like someone we know?) The president then leaves with Kouran's men.

Kouran remarks, after he's left, that the president is acting like a child and that even though they had succeeded, the clones had different personalities. He is then alerted to the arrival of his son.

Going to meet Kurei, Kouran asks harshly what he wants, obvioulsy upset that Kurei had let the ones that had destroyed his mansion go as well as the healer. Kurei tells him not to worry because he has a plan, and he can take back the healer at anytime.

Kurei then hands Kouran the Hokage's hidden scroll, and he asks why a part of it is burnt. Kurei tells him that when Recca's flame touched it, the parts that had previously been blank had covered with words.

He then tells him that he wants to kill Recca in a grand fashion...he wanted Kouran to promote the Ura Buto Satsujin. Raiha is shocked that the tournament covered in blood would be revived. Kouran says that if Hokage's secrets were revealed and he would have immortality that he had no objections.

Meanwhile, in the mountains, Recca tells Yanagi to stay a safe distance from him and reveals that he plans to practice without his Tekkou. Yanagi tells him not to because those scary dragons would come out and they might kill him, but Recca says that the dragons had amazing power and without that power he wouldn't be able to beat Kurei.

Recca tells her to just watch him before taking off his Tekkou and saying that he would beat the dragons his way. Recca commands the dragons to appear, and they do...they're not very happy about being called on a second time. (oh boy) Resshin remarks that he must have a deathwish. Recca tells him to shut up ^^;; before pointing at one of the dragons and saying that its fireball was great. Resshin turns to the dragon, Nadare, and tells her that she had now given Recca an ego. Nadare apologizes, saying that she had helped because it was something to do.

Recca remakrs that he didn't care why she had done it, but that he wanted to be strong and wanted their power. Resshin gets pissed and rushes him, slamming Recca against the side of a cliff. Yanagi runs to help him, but he tells her to stay back.

Resshin says that he knows that Recca is weak and wants their power, but they weren't servants and asks why they should help him. He tells Recca that if he wants their power he'd have to make them obey. Recca says that this is fine with him and that the'd grovel at his feet. Not good. Two of the dragons rush him, and Recca goes flying backwards.

One of the dragons remarks that Recca is too weak, but he stands. The female dragon is amazed that he was able to get up after her attack. Recca tells them that he might deny them if they were this weak, and the femele remarks that he's funny and that he must really want them to enjoy this. The two rush him again, and Recca runs at them...

Meanwhile, Fuuko and Domon are training, and Fuuko is able to stand on top of a wind cyclone. She jumps down at Domon, slashing him across the chest with the Oni no Tsume. Domon is surprised that she attacked him seriously to which Fuuko responds that he should attack as she was, too, or they would never be as good as Recca and Kurei.

Domon finally agrees and hurls the Kuchibashi Oh at her, but Fuuko dodges, getting some good hits in on him. Ganko, who has been watching, tells them to stop or they'd die before they got stronger.

One month passes.

Fuuko and Domon with Ganko on his shoulders are in a canyon, and Fuuko wonders if this is where Recca has been practicing. Ganko calls out Recca's name but only gets a dog's bark in response as a white and gray puppy approaches them. Fuuko bends down near the dog, remarking how cute it is, when a foreign voice tells her not to touch it.

The owner of the voice turns out to be Mikagami who was perched on a ledge a few feet above them. He tells Fuuko that it wasn't an ordinary dog and jumps down in front of her. Fuuko seems more interested in his arrival than the warning and asks cheerfully if he's been training too.

Suddenly, the dog leans back and begins growling, Ganko remarking that it's scary. The dog surprisingly begins speaking, telling them that he had come to deliver a message. Mikagami tells the others that it must have this ability because of the Kuchiyose technique in which a ninja could speak without revealing himself. Domon looks around, knowing now that someone was watching them.

The dog continues, saying that it brought a message from Kurei: He could kill them at any time, but what fun would that be? Therefore, he invites them to the Ura Buto Satsujin, and the location was being determined as they spoke. Ganko is in disbelief, saying that thousands of people had been killed and that they shouldn't go. The dog tells them that they wouldn't be allowed to reject the invitation. A horrible death would awaid them if they refused, but the same would happen if they joined.

Recca's voice comes from behind, saying that it sounded fun and that he was in. Recca then tells the dog to inform Kurei that he was coming to beat him. The dog grows angry at this and turns from gray to brown, wondering how a coward like him could insult Kurei-sama, and that he would show no mercy.

Recca is amused by this, saying that if he was mad because he had insulted Kurei that maybe they should fight over it. Suddenly, a large part of the cliff above their heads that had been sturdy moments before was blown off and began falling towards the group below, the dog telling them to die.

Recca: Ura Buto Satsujin? What the hell is that? Who cares what the name is? If I enter that I can fight Kurei, right? It's a nice opportunity to see the fruits of my labor. I'll enter this tournament. I know even if I deny it he'll still try and kill me. Instead of that, I'll take the fight to him.

Next episode- Team Hokage Appears! Ura Buto Satsujin!!

My soul's already a burning flame!