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Episode 14 (by Christina-chan:: ah, she's just too cool ^_^ thanx again)-

Last time: While rescuing Yanagi, Recca made a deal in exchange for the power of the eight dragons, and succeeded in escaping Kurei. After they survived that harsh battle, they're heading to Kage Houshi's house in the mountains.

The Rebirth of the Past!
400 Years of Truth!!

It seems that the huge caravan on the way to Kage Houshi's home has reached a dead end. Fuuko wonders if Mikagami took a wrong turn, but he confusedly comments that he didn't think that he had. Yanagi stops in front of an Ozizou-san prayer statue and prays that they will get to Kage Houshi's house. Domon remarks that if those things worked then they wouldn't be lost in the first place. Recca quickly takes the offensive, asking if he has a problem with what his Hime was doing.

Domon tries to think of something to say when he finds the Ensui in dagger mode held against his neck. (Ai! Calm down, Mi-chan! o.O) Domon meekly questions if Mikagami had a problem with what he had said. Mikagami just smirks, pulls the Ensui back, and walks away. Domon breathes a sigh of relief.

All of a sudden, Kage Houshi's voice is heard, and she tells the group to turn the prayer statue. Domon does this, knowing that strength is his department, and this results in the hill on which the statue was located opening to reveal a hidden pathway. However, as the group enters the hilll, a man appears in the tree above it and, pleased that he's found them, leaves as quickly as he had arrived.

After everyone has entered the tunnel-like pathway, the "door" to it closes, plunging the group into darkness. A cute scene follows in which Domon tries to grab Fuuko's butt but ends up grabbing Recca's instead. Fuuko tries to punch Domon but hits Tatesako-sensei by accident, and Mikagami calls them all fools ^_^

Lights soon appear in the tunnel, however, and they continue until they reach the opening on the other side. The group finds themselves facing a traditional Japanese home. Yanagi spots a pond and quickly goes to look at the fish, surprised when Mikagami tells her to stop. Looking forward, she realizes that she is only a few feet away from the edge of a cliff that surrounds the entire house.

Kage Houshi appears before them, saying that the home was a safe house for the Hokage, and then reveals that the house is hers and that everyone who was involved in recent events should hear the history of the Hokage. Yanagi wonders, as they enter the house, if there might be Ninja-style traps. Domon falls through the floor, but it was because the boards were weak ::sweatdrop::

The first revelation is that Kage Houshi's real name is Kagero and that she is Recca's mother. Recca doesn't believe her and says that if she wasn't going to be serious that he would go home. Authoritatively, Kagero tells him not to leave which Recca agrees to reluctantly. Tatesako-sensei asks how Kagero can be Recca's mother if she looks about twenty years old. Kagero then begins the true story of Ninja clans 400 years ago like the Iga, Kouma, Fuma, and especially the Hokage.

Ohka-dono returns home in the time of the Ninja to learn that his child has been born, and he tells his wife, Kagero, that she has done well. Ohka proclaims that the child's name is to be Recca. During the day of celebration of the newborn child, Ohka's other wife, Reina-sama, appears to bring gifts for the newborn Recca and Kagero...skulls...(nice gift, ne?)

Ohka comes in and asks what's wrong. Seeing the "offering" he tells her to leave and that if she did that he'd forget it had ever happened. Reina smashes a skull with her foot and tells Kagero that her newborn son will never be the next leader of the Hokage because her son, Kurei, already inherited the flame from Ohka. That's when Recca, who has been listening to the story, realizes that both he and Kurei have the same father which makes them half-brothers.

Meanwhile, four of Kurei's fighters stand in front of the statue used to open the tunnel leading to Kagero's house. One asks if they should tell Kurei that they've found them, but the short one replies that just because they found Kagero and those that burned Kurei's mansion the day before didn't mean that they'll be promoted, but that if they defeat them they'll be promoted for sure.

The blond-haired one with the mask tells the short man, Sarji, that he's a genius. He then turns to his companions, a large man named Tsumemaru and a winged man named Hanemaru, that they'll show off their talents. This man's name is Kuchibashimaru. They then do their cheer! "We're the Triads--" "The strongest..." "Three idiots!" Kuchibashimaru hits Tsumemaru with a halisen. Any Tasuki fans out there? Aw, forget it ^_^ They then go to beat the "stuffing" out of their opponents ^^;;

(Just a note...the reason why Tsumemaru always screws up the cheer is that while "san baga" translates to the heroic trio or the three heroes, "san baka" means three idiots or the idiotic trio ::facefault::)

Here's some trivia for you: Kurei is four years older than Recca.

Anyway, since usually one child of a flame master inherited the flame and Kurei was already known to have gained this trait, everyone thought that Recca would be a normal child. However, seven days after Recca's birth he started crying, and Kagero found that a flame was lighted around his fist.

Reina wonders why it should matter that Recca is a child of the flame since Kurei was destined to be the next leader, and she suggests that they kill him. An older man, known as "Grandfather" to the clan due to his experience and wisdom, states that in past similar situations, a second flame child was born only when the first wasn't meant to lead and that Kurei should be killed.

A concoction is placed before Kurei that will kill him painlessly, but Reina pushes it away, saying that Kurei was the first born and Recca should die, but the other clan members gang up on her and Kurei. Kagero pleads for them to stop, saying that Kurei is only a child and wasn't responsible for what had happened. Ohka also pleads, and both Reina and Kurei are not killed but banished to the outskirts of the village.

A year passed.

Kagero comes to see Reina but is turned away. Kurei then comes home after being bullied by the other kids, and he asks if Recca were to die would they still have to suffer? Kurei sneaks into Recca's room at night with a dagger and cuts his cheek, but he is stopped before he can do anything more. Kurei is then sent to jail, never to exit again.

A report comes to the Hokage village the next day stating that the Oni was approaching. Meanwhile, in the present, Tsumemaru, Kuchibashimaru, and Hanemaru are getting closer to Kagero's home after making their way through the tunnel...

Recca: Man, what the hell is going on!? Kage Houshi is my mom, Kurei's my brother, and an oni attacked the Hokage village...Stop! Or my head's gonna explode! Lousy timing for bad guys to attack us. My day totally sucks. I'll kick your sorry a**es now!

Next episode: Time's Curse! A Mother and Her Son!!

How can I call you mom after all we've been through...?