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Episode 13 (written by Christina-chan:: thanx so much!!!)-

Last time: To rescue Yanagi who has the power to heal, Recca's team broke into Kurei's mansion and finally reached the man himself. However, fighting against Kurei's Kurenai, Recca's team was easily defeated. Kage Houshi has appeared before a beaten Recca, suggesting he run. However, Recca has already made up his mind. When Kageo Houshi saw Recca's determination, she told Recca the only way he might win was to take off his Tekkou (arm band) and release his hidden power.

The Ultimate Flame!
The Legendary Karyu
(Fire Dragons)!!

Kurei is skeptical of Recca's ability to release his hidden power since he was not even able to, but Recca does it anyway. He struggles to control his flame which turns into eight dragons that have a "blast" messing up Kurei's mansion (hope it didn't cost too much ^^;;) Kage Houshi realizes that these are the eight dragons which are Yamoto's flame. This includes Saiha, Nadare, Madoka, Rui, Homura, Koku, Setsuna, and Resshin. Kurei wonders why a weakling like Recca has this power.

Recca seems unable to control the dragons, and the scientists in Kurei's mansion run, leaving Yanagi wondering what's going on. Sensing Yanagi, Recca cries out for her, later ordering Resshin to stop when he goes after her. Big mistake; the dragons get pissed ::sweatdrop::

Recca obvioulsy doesn't know what the word 'respect' means and continues trying to order the dragons around, but Resshin remarks that they don't have to do what he says because they are free from the restraints of his arm. Resshin says that saving Yanagi means sacrificing himself, and the dragons all charge him. Recca, however, doesn't run away, and the dragons, being surprised by this, don't touch him. Resshin asks why he didn't run, and Recca responds simply that he needs them to help him save his hime.

Resshin finds Recca interesting and agrees to help him this once if Recca offered him something of interest in return. Recca answers that he will give his arm. Resshin says that he will obey just this once, causing some murmuring but general agreement among the other dragons. Recca commands Resshin to go after Kurei who calls forth Kurenai. The two hit each other, and Resshin defeats Kurei's flame, burning Kurei.

However, Kurei is still alive, surprising even Resshin. (Come on, you can't kill the major antagonist after 13 episodes! Everyone knows that!) Kurei's mask melts off revealing the burn over his left eye. Kurei tells Recca that he was the one who cut his face 400 years ago, and he wants to finish what he started. Recca agrees that he wants to finish this fight, but his power has been drained after using all of it controlling Resshin. Kurei calls forth his blue flame but, at the last minute, Recca calls Resshin who attacks Kurei, catching him off guard. This doesn't amount to much, however, as Recca loses more power and Kurei is barely injured.

All of a sudden, a strange voice comes between the two saying that a disturbance was heard. This voice was one of the Uruha; Kurei's death squad, and they are the highest rank of their kind. There's Raiha (yum!!), Neon, Jusho, and Genjuro. Kurei also remarks that the Uruha are one-hundred times more powerful than Recca will ever be.

Genjuro wants to kill Recca, but Kurei tells him that Recca is interesting. However, he can't escape death, and he and his friends will endure true agony and understand death, but that until then he would give back Yanagi. Recca is pleased to find that Yanagi was safe, and Yanagi literally throws herself into his arms, telling Recca that she was so scared and that she missed him.

Recca turrns to his dragons and holds his arm out to Resshin. Yanagi is alarmed to learn that Recca will lose his arm over her and grabs him fiercely, offering her arm to Resshin instead. Resshin tells Recca that he'll let him owe him this time, stating that he's kinda fun, and he would watch him fight a bit longer, but the day he lost they wouldn't just take his arm but eat him alive (...ow...) so he should train hard.

Kage Houshi comments that Recca surprised her with his victories, but he responds that he couldn't have done it without his friends...Fuuko, Domon, and Mikagami seem to have recovered from the last time we saw them. Recca is about ready to go home when Ganko calls to Fuuko from the other side of the room. Yep, despite Fuuko's wishes, Ganko remained and is with an unconscious Tatesako-sensei. Recca rubs his brow, almost having forgotten him ^^;;

Domon is surprised at learning that Ganko saved Tatesako, but Ganko responds that it wasn't her but Koganei who saved him. They all ponder this, Yanagi knowing all along that he was a "nice boy."

Meanwhile, Koganei stands on a hill overlooking Kurei's burning mansion and wonders if Yanagi got out safely only to be confronted by Kurei and the Uruha. Kurei asks why he is there to which Koganei responds simply that he wanted to talk to Kurei and that he couldn't be on his side anymore because he had hurt Yanagi after promising not to.

Neon seems intent on killing Koganei after this betrayal, but Raiha steps in, telling her that he's only a boy. Genjuro comments that, "...all youths today make wrong choices. This is his." Kurei stops Neon from killing Koganei because he actually took the time to raise him. When Genjuro questions if Koganei will get to go free, Kurei assures him that he won't and that he'll prepare an appropiate death for Koganei and Recca at a place where death is painted in blood and terror. Koganei watches them leave before turning and running off into the night, attempting to hold in tears.

Meanwhile, everyone escapes the mansion and watches as it burns, Recca sounding relieved that it's over, but this event is just a prelude to the dreadful battle that is to come, but before that, Kage Houshi will reveal the secrets behind Recca's past.

Now. Everything. Begins...

Recca: Kage Houshi, as you promised, I want my questions answered. The Hokage Ninja lived and died in the ages of civil war, the elemental weapons and the history of the Hokage, and how am I related to all that... I have too many questions. I want you to explain everything to me.

Next episode: The Rebirth of Past! 400 Years of Truth!!

Am I the secret or something?