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Flame of Recca Episode Summaries

Episode Ten: Crashing Flames!! Two Hokage!!

Last time, Domon challenged the giant Sekioh. After a strenuous battle, Domon prevailed gaining the power and acceptance of Saturn’s Ring as his elemental weapon during the battle. Yanagi is sent to her next examination while Recca, Domon, Fuko, and Ganko encounter a smiling Koganei. Instead of fighting, Koganei causes a wall to appear from the ceiling and block their way. The group strive to keep the passage unblocked by using their strength to hold up the wall. Behind them, Mikagami unexpectedly approaches.

Kurei, Mokuren, and Yanagi watch Mikagami’s arrival from Yanagi’s testing area. A scientist informs Kurei that the swimming pool in the back is dried up. Mikagami teases Fuko, Domon, and Recca as they support the wall. Fuko bitterly asks why he’s not trying to get revenge for his defeat while their preoccupied with holding the wall.

Mikagami smiles almost menacingly. Not a bad idea. His sword flashes as it strikes several times with swift, sure strokes, and the wall comes tumbling down… right on top of the three who were bolstering it up. Kurei’s eyes widen slightly as he sees Ensui. Oblivious to their constant watchers, Mikagami challenges Koganei to a fight stepping over (well, technically, *on,* not over…) Domon and Recca. The members of the Reccagumi lunge at Mikagami, yelling at him for the careless destruction of the wall.

Koganei attacks Mikagami suddenly, but Mikagami blocks with ease. Koganei smiles with respect. Mikagami returns the smile confidently, stabbing at Koganei who defends with some difficulty. Kurei grins. Fujin, Saturn’s Ring, Ensui… these idiots should prove entertaining. So what’s that last kid hiding…? Mokuren brushes aside Kurei’s contemplation, plastering his face to the screen and drooling over the close-up of Fuko. That’s who I wanna kill….Kurei agrees to allow Mokuren that pleasure. But that last guy….what power does he have?

Koganei states that Mikagami must be the knight Yanagi was talking about earlier. Recca is indignant at that, but Mikagami cuts him off. You permitted her kidnapping. Instead of saving your Hime, you test your meager strength against a wall. If she’s hurt in any way, you’ll pay with your life. Mikagami raises Ensui to Recca’s throat.

Recca smirks (not exactly what *I* would do if someone had a sword at *my* throat, but I guess Recca’s just special in that way…). He’d protect his Hime no matter what. Mikagami lowers Ensui. Then you’re not ready to die yet. Koganei slams the Kougon Anki on the ground, forming a deep crack in the ground that separates Recca and Mikagami as they leap back. He commands the Reccagumi to stand back so he can fight Yanagi’s so-called "Knight."

Mikagami orders Recca to continue on while Koganei battles with him. Distracted, Koganei looks up. Uh oh… no one was supposed to get past me. Koganei leaps after the escaping group, but Mikagami blocks the way. He tells Recca to keep going when they turn around to regard the commencing battle… after all, Recca is the one Yanagi truly wants to see. Koganei curses softly. Oh well, they’ll lose upstairs anyway. Mikagami narrows his eyes

Ganko warns them to be careful as the proceed to save Yanagi. Traps huh? Compacting ceilings? Arrows shooting from the walls? Pitfalls? (It must really stink being right all the time, ne?) Recca nearly topples into a pitfall, barely regaining his balance and leaping across after Fuko and Domon cross easily (the disadvantages of being the leader…). The three narrowly avoid becoming shishkabobs as they dodge the "arrows" suddenly protruding from the walls (Hey, are you guys dead?) The group increases their pace as parts of the ceiling begin to lower (gee, this familiar? Why can’t bad guys ever be a little more *original*?) They almost reach the end, but the last wall is already too low to run under. Recca’s eyes narrow briefly. APPEAR FLAME! A large ball of fire erupts from his hands - Kurei’s eyes widen in shock – and smashes the wall into pieces. Amazed, Ganko softly murmurs, "…. He shoots fire…" The group runs through the next set of doors.

Kurei watches and rewatches the tape of Recca calling on his flame. Yanagi quietly shrieks as jolts of electricity dance through her veins. The torture ceases temporarily. He grabs her by her chestnut mane and lifts her face to meet his. He turns her face to the screen that shows Recca running. That boy… he glares at her threateningly… who is he, *really*?

He lips turn up a little as she responds, "He’s my friend." Kurei slaps her across her cheek, leaving an angry red mark, and demands for the truth. Only one other can shoot flames from his arms other than himself! Is the boy a magician? Does he have gasoline up his sleeves? WHO IS HE REALLY? Yanagi watches Kurei, terrified. She stutters that she’s only known Recca-kun for a short amount of time…

Kurei’s eyes widen further, then he relaxes and chuckles, releasing his tight grip on Yanagi’s shoulders… so *that’s* Recca, huh? He instructs Mokuren to await his… guests. But first, he has business to attend to… with the boy named Recca. What an important day today is. Who would have though they’d meet again after all these years? He laughs wildly, throwing his head back. The scientist’s watch him with poorly concealed fear. Yanagi is even more terrified. <This man isn’t normal… run away, Recca! I feel something bad is going to happen to you…>

Koganei and Mikagami proceed to fight, evenly matched. They break apart. Koganei grins at Mikagami’s strength. He asks where Mikagami got his sword. Mikagami nonchalantly answers that he made it from the swimming pool in the backyard. Koganei continues to smile. Well, since Mikagami was obviously using an elemental weapon, he’d just have to break out the real power behind his Kougon Anki as well…

The Reccagumi runs up yet another set of stairs and reach yet another double door (good grief, how may stairs and doors do they *have* in this place???) Ganko informs them that the next room should be empty, but the room after is the perfect place to fight. They open the door cautiously anyway. See? There’s nothing… Ganko recoils in fear.

"It’s been 400 years…. Rec-ca," states the man standing before them.

"*400* years? You expect me to remember you?!?!" retorts Recca.

Ganko trembles. "Why is Kurei here….?" Recca. Fuko, and Domon glance at Ganko. *Kurei?!?!*

<This is the man who captured my Hime>… Recca charges Kurei, his fist surrounded by his Flame. Kurei smirks and blocks Recca’s fist with his hand. Recca is stunned. <He’s holding back my Flame.>

Kurei tosses Recca back into Fuko who steadies him. Recca tries his attack again, this time launching a huge fireball which engulfs Kurei in its burning flame. Got him! Kurei smiles condescendingly. He stretches out his arm at his side and Recca’s Flame vanishes. Kurei mocks Recca. Your Flame isn’t enough to defeat me. You haven’t been using it since you were an infant… 400 years ago, when I gave you your scar. The three listened attentively.

Kurei recounts the past, when the Hokage ninja were exterminated. Why? For the elemental weapons of course. After the defeat of the Hokage, the weapons were scattered. It’d be an advantage to have all the elementals to take over the world (yeah, and how old is *that* excuse. Told you bad guys are never original. <sigh> What is the world coming to these days?). That’s why they kidnapped Sensei. So what does Yanagi have to do with any of this? Why was *she* taken as well? For her healing power. Kurei tells them of his father’s wish for immortality… and Yanagi is the key. Angry, Recca again summons his flame against Kurei. Casually, Kurei attacks with his own flame, canceling out Recca’s.

Resuming his story, he tells Recca that they were born in the same Hokage village 400 years ago. Recca denies it, but Kurei assures him that it *is* the truth. Kurei snaps his fingers, and the floor splits to form a hole beneath them. Fuko, Domon, and Ganko drop into the abyss while Recca clings to the edge of the floor with one hand.

Walking up to Recca, Kurei asks if the woman, Kage Houshi had two moles on her chin. Recca confirms Kurei’s suspicion by demanding how he knew. Kurei smiles and avoids the question, instead responding that there is a large room above the corridor they are in. If Recca lives long enough, they’ll fight there. Recca smirks. "Kurei… you better start praying… I’ll make you scream for mercy… Hanabishi Recca…" Recca releases his firm grip on the floor, "shall defeat you shortly!!!"

Kurei observes impassively as Recca falls down into the dark abyss. "One who chooses to enter the gates of h*ll? Come, little boy, show me your power!’

End of Episode 10